Leica M (Type 240) – enorm uppdatering släppt med v2.0.1.5


Leica M (Typ 240) har fått ny mjukvara och det är en minst sagt stor uppdatering som användarna nu kan installera på sina kameror.

Med tanke på att Typ 240 kostar cirka 55 000 kronor för bara kamerahuset så vore det minst sagt dåligt om Leica inte underhöll modellen med uppdateringar – och version är helt klart vad man kunde hoppas på som köpare.

Bland nyheterna som erbjuds finner vi förbättrad EXIF-information om använt objektiv, Live View-läge för alla användbara objektiv (även de som kräver adapter), utökade inställningar för Auto-ISO och nytt läge för ljusmätning kallad “Classic / LV disabled”.

Hela listan med ändringar hittar ni här:

Improvements – Leica M (Typ 240) Firmware Version
• Improved description of the lens type in Exif-Data
• Live view is now possible with every lens (including older screw lenses via an adapter) using
“manual lens detection”
• A “Video off” option is now available in the Set menu (see submenu item “Video recording”)
The M-Button on the Top-cover is deactivated when this option is chosen.
• The Horizon (level) is now visible in Live View, overlaying the live image. This additional info-screen is enabled using the menu item “Horizon”
• New menu item “Exposure Simulation”
o Exposure simulation -> Permanent: Live View accurately shows image brightness
according to the shutter speed and aperture set in manual exposure (as long as the
chosen exposure time is shorter than 1/30s)
o Exposure simulation -> Release button half-pressed:Image brightness in live view is
adjusted for best visibility, regardless of the actual exposure.
Half pressing the shutter button shows the actual exposure.
• Extended Auto ISO options
o All Auto ISO options are now visible using the ISO button
o Extra options for “Maximum Exposure Time” – 1x, 2 x, or 4x focal length – can be selected
to help avoid camera shake when using auto ISO and long lenses.
o “Auto ISO in M mode” is now offered as an option. This varies ISO sensitivity for correct
exposure when shutter speed and aperture are set manually.
o Alternatively the camera chooses the previous manually chosen ISO speed
• Crop marks
In Live View, new crop marks for 3:4 / 6:7 / 1:1 / and 16:9 aspect ratios can be displayed. By
pressing the up/down keys, the crop marks are superimposed on the live view screen (without
additional information)
• Korean language
Korean is now available as a menu language
• During video recording, 1/25s is now used instead of 1/24s. This reduces flicker effects with
50Hz mains voltage
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• Exposure bracketing settings are now saved when thecamera is switched off
• Direct exposure correction
An “EV correction” option in the menu enables direct adjustment.
So EV compensation can be altered by turning the thumb wheel, without having to press
additional buttons.
• New Light Metering Mode “Classic / LV disabled”
In this mode, only Classic light-metering is possible; the LV button is disabled to avoid the
activation of live view by accident.
• New menu item “Focus Peaking”
For improved visibility, the color of focus peakingcan now be set to red, green or blue.
• Better display of GPS location data
Position is now shown for JPG files in Adobe Lightroom®
Where the GPS signal is weak, the last position is now deleted after 5min instead of 24h as in
previous firmware versions.
• Bugfix in Live View at high temperatures
Occasional malfunction of Live View at high temperatures has been fixed
• Bugfix in light metering (Live view)
• Bugfix regarding sensor cleaning function